Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lace & Loves

I don't think I will have much time for crafting for a little while, but I can show some pictures of my real hobby, which is of course buying crafting supplies.

The crafting is just an excuse to buy the supplies, you see.

Running errands on Sunday, I finally remembered to check out Tuesday Morning. I wouldn't say it was a bonanza, but I got some cheap-and-possibly-useful stuff. Of course, the cheaper it is, the less stringently it has to meet the "immediately useful" test... I wouldn't have wanted any of these enough to buy them at full price.

Tuesday Morning Mini-Haul:

Please accept my apologies for the horrible glare. You can't even see the bunny in the Easter set, and that's the stamp that persuaded me to buy the set! Although I am also fond of the egg border, and I do think the rest of the set should come in handy in the spring -- I expect there will be a flood of Easter and Spring-themed challenges and this set should do nicely.

Also, I keep thinking I want to stamp some lines, so the journaling stamps were a useful find even though I don't do any journaling.

However, Tuesday Morning didn't actually provide me with any of the supplies to make the vintage-y bookmark, which is what I was ostensibly looking for. So it was on to Joann and Michaels (helpfully located across a parking lot from each other), where I picked up this little lot:

I was looking for thin ribbon (as in, not wide) and thin lace (as in, not bulky) for my bookmark-should-be-functional-in-a-book purposes, and I think I more or less succeeded.

Joann Mini-Haul:

Probably I didn't need the stamps, but Joann had stamps at 50% off, and hey, I needed some kind of button for my project. Look, a button stamp! I resisted buying any other stamps, as I could not come up with even a flimsy excuse.

Between Tuesday Morning and Joann, it looks like this was a good day for me and TPC Studio stamps. And when looking for a link to the Easter set, I found a lot of pictures of another similar set, Happy Spring, and now I want that too. Raccoons! Ducks! Spring sentiments that are not too wide for bookmarks! Geez, I can't believe I sound that excited about sentiments.

Also, I may be assembling a large wishlist of TPC Studio stamps even as we speak I type. Gosh darn it, Google, why can't you just find what I want instead of showing me other things? Especially other cute stampy things?

Fast-forward to this afternoon (er, Wednesday afternoon, got rather distracted by browsing stamps on the 'net while writing this), when I opened the mailbox to find a little package from Loves Rubberstamps awaiting me. You see, as soon as Laura Love emailed me the very kind discount code I got for Circles Circles Circles, I placed an order. Obviously for more than $5, the amount of the discount, because what kind of order would that have been? No fun, that's what kind.

So here's what I got:

Loves Rubberstamps Mini-Haul:

I... bought dies and I don't own a die cutter. But they were cheap! And I still had buttons on the brain! And I want one eventually, so really this was a totally justified purchase and I don't want to hear any more about it.

The cat thought this was by far the most interesting mini-haul that I photographed tonight. Perhaps he was also wondering what the heck that adorable bearish-mouseish animal on the Wee Stamps stamp actually is. Besides adorable.


  1. oohh what a fab selection of goodies you have there :-) I will look forward to seeing what you make with them :-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :-) I used a black copic marker as my daughter had used up all the black acrylic paint ! :-) the copic worked well though using the bullet tip it covered very quickly :-)

    Lols x x x

    1. Aha! When there is no paint left, markers are an excellent answer.