Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW #178: Halloween & Pirates

Happy Halloween! And happy Wednesday!

This is my desk as of about 9:00 AM this morning, when I realized that in fact it was never going to get properly light today so I shouldn't bother waiting. We've got a fairly tidy pile of scraps and a couple of works in progress. The Fiskars cuttermajig was out to cut those two ovals you see beside it... neither of which I ended up using. Oh well, I'm sure they'll be useful for something eventually.

I could use a little bit of feedback on this bookmark with the pirate girl on it -- I'm pretty sure there's something missing in the design, but I don't know what.

I'm not any sort of a colorist, but it's the composition I'm having that nagging feeling about, not the coloring.


  1. You could add a few rips or patches on the skirt...maybe a hoop earring...something on the background or outline the girl.....I know nothing, just what popped out at me...I like her! #25

  2. I'm not a big card making but I might outline the girl with some mock stitching - put on using a pen - maybe on white or gold ? She looks great fun anyway ! have a fun week Ali #57

  3. Maybe some bling on her like a rhinestone for an earing and then bling the edges to make it pop, maybe using stickles on the edge or some bling rhinestones down either side.

    Lovely bookmark anyway,

    Eliza 38

  4. I'm with Eliza, you need some sparkle on that thing! :) Or maybe a ruffle of some material peeking out from under the pirate girl pop-out? Like mimicking her skirt? Oh, but since its supposed to be a bookmark, maybe just some glitter? Hmmm, I bet you figure it out. :) I mean, you figured out that fiskars cutting thingamajig...every time I use it I end up snagging my paper and ripping it! I gave up on it and its in a drawer now...
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment, I haven't managed to get anything done...I do like walking by and seeing it looking so clean and tidy, for once! lol Deeyll #60

  5. Since it is a book mark and 3-D is not practical, how about a sentiment, or an eye patch drawn at an angle over the corner? Or a ribbon looped through a hole in the top? Just some ideas, I think it is cute the way it is.

  6. All the other suggestions are really good, a ribbon looped through the top and some edging to the brown behind the image were my first thoughts - like it though, very cute!

  7. Composition wise, I'd move her higher up the bookmark, so there's more space at the bottom than the top. And maybe a strip of paper or ribbon between her and the brown backing. Or maybe not! I hope that helps. And than you so much for stopping by.

    Happy WOYWW,
    rachel #47

  8. Have to say, your desk is looking very tidy.

    That image is so cute but I think she need a bit of bling, either on her or in the form of a pot of pirate’s treasure full of ruby’s and pearls.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 125

  9. Cute girl what about adding text and some glitter glue.

    Carol #136

  10. mmmm I like her as she is, but then maybe a bit of sparkle as treasure would-be good im sure 'it' will come to you. i spend ages looking at bits and changing this and that before I finally decide what each card will look like and that usually starts with the papers !.. so I know where your coming form have a good weekend ..sorry im so late you probably have it well finished by now !!x... #77