Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #3: Blades & Paper

I'm weak. Joann had papercrafting stuff at 40% off. (Stamps were 50% off and somehow I didn't buy any -- I guess I'm just tired of their selection.)

Now, one part of my purchase was completely justified: I have no spare blades for my cuttermajig (i.e., more formally, the Fiskars Ultra ShapeXPress), and I do use it. I had intended to look for a good price on the 'net, but as a 40% off price was staring in my face, it seemed intelligent to jump on it.

I also bought a paper trimmer -- I haven't had one, I've just been cutting with my craft knife and ruler, which does work quite well as I've had a lot of practice at it. I used it a couple of times this week, but it's not really right for me -- ideally it would go out to seven inches (my bookmarks are usually six-ish inches long), whereas it actually only goes out to five.

Being able to square up the paper on the trimmer does give me more confidence in my right angles, but what's the point of right angles when I can't measure as long as I want? Not much. So I returned it. I'm going to try to find a nice square or triangle or T-square to go with my ruler, instead.

Also I bought some matstacks. Because, hey, matstacks!

Don't laugh at me, I'm sure you have a similar paper addiction. It's just that I like mine in cardstock weights and smaller sizes.

Joann mini-haul:

Joann was absolutely teeming with people when I went to return the trimmer -- there is a sale ending today and of course any fabric store is more and more crowded as October advances. So I sure as heck wasn't going to try shopping there. But I did walk across the parking lot to Michaels, because, hey, I was there anyway, I might as well stick my head in.

Stamps were buy one get one free. So I did.

Michaels mini-haul:

I've also got some promising storage and organization going on with my clear and cling stamps, but I'm not quite done putting it together yet. I guess I'll show it next Saturday, or maybe for WOYWWednesday.

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