Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bookmarks LXVII: Jeweltone Blends

Yep, I need to learn to focus the camera. Ah well.

This bookmark is a product only of supplies from the slightly-overboard whirlwind tour of all the Michaels stores in town, because I didn't really have anything else on hand. It's pretty much inspired by that wide streaky washi tape, with a side order of "let's smoosh some colors around and add silver". I mean, you can't buy that many kinds of metallic acrylics and use none of them.

This bookmark definitely has a friend -- I know I made one out of the other 6-inch half of the border strip that forms the base. But either I've lost it or -- shock! -- it's hiding inside a book rather than in the Bookmark Box. Maybe someday.

This post was written in February 2019 and backposted.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

State of the Stash #21: I Think I Have Probably Overdone It A Wee Bit

I found this draft when I came back to the blog in February 2019 -- just the title and a saved folder of photos. I looked at the title and I thought... oh self, you have so many Black Fridays in front of you.

Then I went to edit the photos and actually, I think the title is accurate. That's... a lot of stuff.

From what I remember, I gave myself a tour of all the Michaels stores in a new city, and found one in particular that had a remarkably un-picked-over Clearance section. Jackpot!

Especially since I don't think the rest of my craft supplies had actually arrived.

So we've got the basics: paper, trimmer, ink.

Always a pleasure to find a new Cat's Eye Queue.

And of course a selection of stamps -- and a nice stamp press to make up for the temporary separation from my stamp blocks:

Love those airships, hate those scare quotes that don't make any sense. Quotes are not for emphasis.

Looks like I picked up some paper stacks, too:

Gosh, I wish those first two had come in 4x6 matstack format. At least things still existed in matstack format in 2013 -- I practically never see them these days, and they're perfect for bookmark-making.

Then again, glancing at my shelves here in 2019, it looks like I have at least 20 matstacks, to say nothing of the 6x6 pads, so... maybe it's good that the industry won't sell me any more.

It was a good trip for spritzes and sprays, too:

And no journey is complete without a whole lot of washi tape to hoard away for the next few centuries. I barely ever use it. Why do I keep buying it? Pretty colors, I guess, although I think I could have done without most of these.

Then we've got an assortment of dies and other tools:

I do still really like that adhesive runner.

Plus some nice border stickers:

Then we've got the less papercrafty stuff. There's certainly an argument to be made for acrylics and brushes, though I don't really use them myself in papercrafting:

And origami is certainly papercrafting, although not the kind I do on this blog.

But there's really no call for Sculpey.

Now, if pressed, I imagine I could make up something about creating tassels and tassel charms for the bookmarks. Fortunately I don't really need an excuse for crafty shopping. It was a good deal and looks fun -- it doesn't necessarily have to be papercrafty.

This post was written in February 2019 and backposted.