Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Loves Rubberstamps likes Circles Circles Circles!

Likelihood that I will be posting self-congratulatory posts all week: very low. But today I found something very sweet in my blog feed: because so few people participated in the Espresso, Pumpkin, & Aqua color challenge at Loves Rubberstamps, and they liked all our projects, Laura Love is very kindly giving a $5 gift certificate to each of us (all four of us!) who did not win the random draw. She posted all of our projects and declared every one of us to be favorites for the week.

See, my favorite project would have been the lovely card with snowmen on it, by Annie Rose, but over at Loves Rubberstamps they are more generous than that.

This week's challenge is a photo inspiration challenge, and you should check it out, because Loves Rubberstamps is good people.

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