Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bookmarks LXXIV: Basics Geometric

The simplicity of black, white, and silver goes nicely with some delicate geometric patterns. But really the point was to create something nice while testing my Basics queue inkpads and trying out some new stamps. I think it succeeded pretty well -- except for the part where I didn't make a second bookmark to test the bronze, copper, and gold!
We can't actually see any of the ink I was testing here, though. In order to make everything show up nicely, it's covered in embossing powder. It's possible I was testing that too? I'm pretty sure the reason the black and white designs are on contrasting squares is not 100% for the visual effect. They'd look pretty good on grey/silver too. I think it's mostly that I knew I was going to mess up with the black embossing powder several times and didn't want to remake the whole bookmark each time!

This post was written in February 2019 and backposted.