Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WOYWW #175: Stash & Scraps

What's on my workdesk? Nothing, I don't have a workdesk!

But we weren't really using our table for anything 'cause we rarely have organized meals, so. That's where I craft. Also, I'm a graduate student. I'm allowed to have picnic dinners on my living-room floor.

This is from Tuesday night -- there's not much here, just some new stuff I was photographing for Saturday's State of the Stash post. You can see the legs of the tripod, all tipped over funny to take straight-down shots, with a weight to keep it from tipping over... we're pretty good at making do around here. I mostly make bookmarks, which don't stand up well, so straight-down shots are great.

Possibly I should have made it taller and used it for this shot rather than trying to keep my hands steady. Oh well, I'll give that a try next time.

You can also see, on the left, a collection of scraps that I'm beginning to put together a bookmark using the sample image of the musical fairy that I showed on Saturday. I liked the purple-red so much on that orange I thought it was worth doing something fall-ish with it. (The streaks on the cutting mat are from edging her right side with a copper pen.)

So: not over-messy, definitely not over-tidy, with not much going on, that's my "workdesk" today.


  1. Hi Looking forward to seeing your bookmarks once they are done - thanks for the kind words on my blog this morning, they mean a lot.
    Suzie xx

  2. Dining room tables count as work desks, so do laptrays and the floor. In fact, anywhere that you craft counts as a workdesk. i am looking forward to seeing those bookmarks too. Have a good week. xx Maggie #88

  3. Good to see your projects in action - just seeing the legs of the tripod it looks like a space rocket has just landed !
    Ali #47

  4. Don't we all just eat at our desks normally? Or is that just me? Sometimes I go crazy and eat on the couch :D

  5. i enjoyed your post today! oh yes, we are all allowed to eat on the floors because we've taken over our tables to craft!