Monday, October 29, 2012

Corrected HTML for All That Scraps November Banner

Hello, All That Scrappers. Here's the corrected code to get the November banner to link back to All That Scraps Blog and not just the banner picture:

<a style="display: inline;" href=""><img title="All That Scraps Blog" src="" border="0" alt="All That Scraps Blog"></a>

As a bonus, the title and alt text read "All That Scraps Blog" rather than gibberish.

(All That Scraps folks, if you'd like me to delete this post once you've grabbed the correct code, just let me know in the comments.)


  1. this code doesn't seem to be working either - just letting you know :)

    1. By gosh you're right! It linked properly but used September's image. I've updated it again and tested it... the test worked for me, so hopefully this time I've got it right!