Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #1: Cherries & Tape

I have a little Pintrest account, which I use more for pinning stuff I don't want to forget about than inspiration per se. About a week ago I got a notification that someone had repinned a stamp I'd pinned a while ago. This doesn't happen terribly often, but it's happened before, so I almost let it pass.

But the title of the board it had been repinned to was "Random Stamp Winners". That couldn't mean what it said, could it? But I checked it out.

It turns out that the Random Stamp Winners was indeed a board of random stamps which had been won. That is, someone at Blockhead Stamps had come across my pin of one of their stamps, and had decided that because I had pinned it, I had won it. Can you say awesome?

I had no idea Blockhead Stamps was doing this. I don't know how often they look for pinned stamps or how they decide which pinned stamps win a real stamp. All I know is that this awesome fairy showed up in my mailbox (well, she was wrapped, of course) on Thursday.

This is Blockhead Stamps' "Musical Fairy". You can see her proper dimensions at that link, but for a quick reference, the lines on my mat are 2 inches apart. Isn't she pretty? Wait, let me stamp her out -- I can never really imagine the full image from rubber, so why ask you to do so?

That's the first time I've ever stamped her, with no conditioning. Looks like Blockhead Stamps makes quality stuff!

Delightful Surprise Stamp:

Well, free surprise is awesome. And free is pretty darn great all by itself. But we don't look for free, because how likely is that? We look for clearance.

It's not terribly surprising, but the crafting stock at my Tuesday Morning doesn't seem to turn over much in a single week; there was nothing there on Thursday that I hadn't seen last Saturday. It was not a terribly interesting trip.

But! Tuesday Morning is right next to Hobby Lobby. I prefer to funnel my money to giant big box craft stores (not having a local) that don't then funnel it on to organizations I strongly disagree with, but it's fun to wander.

Also, sometimes there's clearance stuff, and I'm pretty sure nobody's making money from that. So I scored some Fiskars cling stamp sets I'd been eying at Joann for a while, and a dotty sort of background stamp because why not?

I shall never lack for cherry stamps again. Actually, I don't recall needing them before either, but... I guess now I'm prepared for any cherry-stamp-requiring emergencies?

I also picked up one of these tape-roller thingamajigs. I've never used one. I like my friendly purple gluestick, but these things are so popular they seem worth trying out. Plus, clearance.

Clearance @ Hobby Lobby: (background stamp seems not to exist on the 'net)

Then today I went to Target to see if they had the "famous" Target Up & Up Printed Paper Tape, i.e. washi tape at 4 rolls for $4. I say famous because any time I see a post about it the poster seems very excited: WASHI TAPE AT TARGET!!! I keep saying I don't want to accumulate washi tape, but as long as my crafting is driven by challenges I'm going to need it, so a couple of cheap variety packs seemed like a good plan.

Plus I'm really weak in the face of colorful office supply displays.

Apparently a lot of Targets don't have the yellow/orange version of all the Up & Up supplies. Mine didn't. If I ever make it out to the area of the other Target I'll try to remember to check there, but it's not urgent.

(Someday I will own washi tape that is actually listed on the 'net and can be linked to.)

As I've pretentiously entitled this "State of the Stash", I'll also report that I made a bookmark using one of last week's new stamps, which consumed some small portion of my paper. I just don't have a lot of time for crafting at the moment.

Anybody else get something new and exciting (or just excitingly cheap) lately? If you've got a haul post or video I'd love to see it -- leave a link in the comments for me, please?

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