Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday Sunday State of the Stash #4: Stars, Cats, and Jill Sparrow

Whoops! I'm late -- but for a self-imposed deadline which doesn't matter much to anyone else, so I think the world will keep turning. At least, the sun did set last night, and it rose this morning, and that's a good sign that it's kept turning so far.

I was poking around for another one or two affordable Fiskars cutting templates earlier this week, and more or less found what I wanted on Amazon -- a three-pack with squares, stars, and a selection of shapes. This pack is apparently discontinued -- at least it's not listed on Fiskars' website -- but it was quite cheap at $7 + free shipping, and the templates look just like the presumably newer ones I've got, so I'm quite pleased with the purchase.

While I was at it I got yet another set of cat stamps. Someone should really stop me -- but not until I've also bought this one, and this one, and this one if I ever find a set, and, basically, ALL THE CATS.

I may have a problem.

I don't care much about the general-selection-of-shapes template, but still, 2 for $7 is not a bad deal. If you can get two shapes, in five or six sizes, of dies or punches for that price, please tell me where you're shopping.

Amazon mini-haul:

On Saturday I went to a little retail show in Southfield, MI run by Stamp & Scrap Art Tour. Now, I've worked shows occasionally with my mother, who's a fiber artist, and that experience leads me to this conclusion: the Southfield Pavillion is a really nice show space. There's ceilings and carpet and everything! The hall itself is lit! I don't know how available outlets and electricity are, but the booths seemed well-lit too. I bet it's even air-conditioned in the summer!

None of the giant expo spaces or pretty-much-a-barn spaces I've set up or torn down in has been anywhere near as nice, I can say that for sure. I should have taken pictures. But maybe this is de rigeur for papercrafty shows? Or maybe it's the norm for small shows, of whatever type?

Oh, and I bought a couple of things. I thought there was going to more temptation than there was, but really I didn't see anything that NEEDED to come home with me.

At the Sweet Stamps booth I picked up this little pirate girl by Nellie Snellen. I believe she's officially known as "Pirate Girl with Cat", but I'ma call her Jill Sparrow. I mean, really. Look at that hair.

At the Repeat Impressions booth I bought one of their vertical designs (unmounted), because they're pretty perfect for the bookmark format.

In fact, so perfect that while taking pictures, I went ahead and inked it up, stamped, and embossed with copper embossing powder.

Then I pulled a couple of other papers, and voila! That bookmark is practically made already; it'll fit well in the various fall/autumn/leaves sorts of challenges around right now.

Stamp & Scrap mini haul:

What about you, how's your stash been growing or shrinking lately? Find any deals? Make any splurge purchases? Have a haul post or video? I'd love to see it! Did you ink up a previously uninked stamp, or finally crack the seal on something you've had for years, or use up a bunch of scraps? Bravo! (Actually, probably, brava!) I'd love to see those projects too! Are you perhaps destashing? I'd love to be tempted by your wares.

Oh, and if anyone could lend me some more question marks, that would be great. I think I may have used up my allotment in that last paragraph...

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