Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW #177: All The Things

Oh lordy, it's definitely one of those "What isn't on your work surface?" days.

This week I've taken my picture from the other side of the table -- I have the cutting mat on one side and the craft sheet on the other, because the cutting mat isn't terribly happy with heat (and ink's annoying to clean off) and the craft sheet is by no means self-healing.

This essentially means that when I "push back" to clear space, it unclears the other space. Woe is me when I switch back and forth a lot!

Things that are on my table include:

  • tripod
  • tub o' stamp organization, which needs a different tub
  • stack o' bigger stamp sets, which don't fit in the tub above, hence the need for a different tub
  • a couple of stamp sets out to do some stamping with (I'm thinking cat/Christmas bookmark, hence the red & green scrap paper nearby)
  • clear contact paper for covering paperback books
  • paperback books, both covered and to-be-covered
  • little embossing lever-thing, for the putting of my name in said books (fancy!)
  • Sugru
  • boyfriend's old-fashioned pen and Sculpey-fashioned pen case (He tried writing with some red Smooch spritz as ink, which worked okay except that he insists it is actually pink. Which it is not.)
  • punches, Fiskars cuttermajig, stamp cleaner, extra envelopes for stamp-organization-in-progress, ink, paint pens, paper scraps, scissors, embossing powder, etc., etc., etc.

Oh, and on the floor on the right you can see the box o' paper.

It's not a matter of keeping my storage shelves tidy, you see -- it's a matter of putting things back onto them!

Miss Grumpypuss (note: not actually named Miss Grumpypuss) here is not on my table. But as I am stamping a stripey kitty, I thought I'd take a picture of the stripey-est real kitty I've got. She's not terribly stripey. (Or maybe she is, and just has so much fur that the stripes blur?)

I imagine most visitors to this post will be coming via this week's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday -- but if you're not one of them, and you'd like to take a gander at other workspaces, head on over to the Stamping Ground and gaze your heart out. There are so many other desks and tables and all that I can almost guarantee you'll find several messier (or at least with less free space) than mine!


  1. Aww how gorgeous is Mrs GP? Love your busy desk. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @89)

  2. Wow - tons of stuff there! But then it wouldn't be a "work"desk now would it! Love those cute clear stamps in the middle too!

  3. I love looking at "work desks" I find out that I am ok, that other desks look just like mine! Love your Kitty!

  4. Loads of lovely stuff to play with... and it's always good to see we're all in the same boat, stuff-wise! Beautiful cat...
    Alison x

  5. Funny no matter how big the desk we all tend to work in such a small area. I have been fighting for a larger area, but old habits die hard....LOL
    Krisha #40

  6. Ah the old cutting mat/craft sheet dilemma! I now have mine side by side {coz I don't have as much desk as you} and I too have fallen fowl of the warped cutting mat and sliced craft sheet lol
    Your kitty is gorgeous x
    Happy Wednesday
    Hugz Minxy #7

  7. Know what you mean about mats. You never seem to have the right one in place for what you are doing as my cutting mat can testify. It very crinkled in places where I forget I shouldn't use the heat gun near it.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tricia 105

  8. I am intrigued - do you cover all your paperbacks with clear contact plastic?? It's a good way of making them last, I guess!! And counting our ages in hexadecimal (and yes, I did know that it's still the same number..) is a bit of a family in-joke. Both my brothers, my sisters-in-law, two nephews and my eldest son are all the computer line!! It must be something in the water, lol!!!
    Hugs, LLJ #66 xx

  9. Hello again... no, you're right - I've just tried going in a straight line with my alphabet and it was a total disaster! Higgledy-piggledy is where it's at!!
    Alison x

  10. certainly a busy desk,love the cat
    have a super woyww
    kay #57

  11. I like your idea of keep the self healing mat and the craft mat on separate sides of the table. I learned the hard way that craft mats are not self healing one day when I laid mine on top of my cutting mat...grrr!

    Amy E. #1

  12. oh yes I know...I have cut my craft mat a couple of is now patched with packaging tape...And I also tape it onto my desk...hate the way it curls up....I love busy desks...they remind me of mine and I feel better....what a beautiful cat you have!!xx

  13. What a busy looking table & such a cute cat :). Helen T #120

  14. Your cat looks like a miniature big cat, a lion to be more precise! The way she's sitting it looks like she has a lions mane. Anyways, your desk looks like lots of fun, I think I would feel right at home! lol I don't have one of those craft mats as I got a really nice shiny plastic self-healing mat and I just turn it over, the back doesn't have the grid lines, and that's where I do my ink squishing and swirling. It cleans off nicely, except for Smooch spritzes and they stick like all get out, which I thankfully figured out quickly and so they get squirted elsewhere now...anyways, then I can just flip it back over for cutting on. I got it at Hobby Lobby, it's their brand product. Anyways, thanks for sharing the pictures of your desk! :)
    Deeyll #160

  15. Great desk...lots going on there...but your cat steals the fluffy and gorgeous!

  16. Lots of things there to keep us all happy. I keep my craft mat and my Splodge mat underneath my cutting mat until they are needed. I need to keep them both flat but close at hand so that they get used properly. I don't have room to move around to each in turn. Thank you for your visit this week. The glue is definitely back under control for the moment, but I am keeping an close eye on all the cans of adhesive, remover etc. Have a good week. xx Maggie #33

  17. Miss Grumpypuss's expression does seem to bear out her temporary nickname. She is not amused. :) I don't cut a lot on a mat, so I keep it tucked away until it is needed, but I can sympathize with the "shove things out of the way" method that then blocks access to something else. I end up setting things on the floor and then forgetting I've done it, until I notice it's looking messy. Happy WOYWW from Laura #155

  18. Hurrah another creative craft space!! Love the fact you have push items from one side to another to craft....its amazing, no matter HOW much space we have, we all seem to craft in a size smaller than A4!

    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    kyla #64

  19. L(ing)OL! First I think "oh what a clever idea" (the whole different sides of the desk bit) as I have my craft sheet on top of the mat and yes I have done all manner of bad things! Scorch and cut - I admit it. But the picture going through my head was exactly as you described = shoving one side over to the other and making a mess there LOL Enjoyed your post! Sandi #42

  20. Hmmm. See what you mean. It's all here but everywhere! I wonder what it'd be like to take a photo of my desk through the window. Might be terrifying to know what other folks see on the way to the front door.
    That pussicat is frowning a bit. Did you put her where she didn't want to be?
    Now about that sore shoulder of yours... I've just come from Minxy's blog. I'd say, get the manual Big Shot and use the other hand. Easy with some tenacity.
    Then see a myotherapist or Feldenkrais practitioner. Apply warm packs and take long-acting Panadol every 8 hours for 3 days or more to reduce pain and thus spasm. Gosh, listen to me! I hate shoulder pain and I hate machines that might quit even more. It's better to get better if you can, and I can mind my own business (LOL).
    Miles of smiles,
    Ros. #165.

  21. Great crafty space and a really lovely purrrdy cat! Thanks for my snoop! Have a crafty week! HaPpY Late WOYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #25

  22. I guess instead of pushing back you. Could keep running around to the other side. wait, no. That would e foolish when you can just push back. And forth! I can't see the augur but am it in use or still in a packet?