Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bookmarks XII: Popsicles in the Park

These bookmarks were intended for the Color Throwdown Challenge #207, and were in fact done in time. I just didn't get around to taking pictures until a few days ago, which was itself several days after the challenge closed.

Well, it's really about the inspiration challenges provide, isn't it? The challenge prompted a project, so at least in that way I win.

This was the challenge swatch:

It definitely felt very summery: refreshing and fun. I picked out a bunch of supplies of the rightish colors and some cute animal stamps and made a pair of bookmarks.

I'm particularly pleased with the way the little birds fit into the paper they're stamped on, and the sort of calmness that the solidity of the bunny has. The paper all over that first bookmark turned out quite well, but really it's just there to hide the not-so-great embossing on the yellow border -- I only let the best part peek out.

Mistakes are awesome inspiration, I'm telling you.

I do wish I'd had a slightly bigger circle for the frog to peek out of on the second bookmark. The next-biggest circle I have (on the Fiskars template) was too big, and this one was just a little too small. I'll have to look into that.

I'm entering this pair of bookmarks into DL.ART's 1000-post linky party.


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