Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Quest for Yellow

Color Box Jelly Beans Pigment Ink Queue

I'm trying not to buy anything I don't "need" to make an actual project in my actual head. On the other hand, I have jumped into this challenge thing wholeheartedly, so I've always got a project in my head. And since part of the fun of challenges is stretching your own boundaries, I find myself "needing" supplies I didn't buy in the initial OH PRETTY THINGS frenzy.

I could have done this week's Simon Says Stamp's "We're so TRENDY" without new supplies. I haven't got any hexagons or chevrons (although chevrons are easy to make), but I do have neons.

Simon Says Stamp's Challenge Prompt: Neons, Hexagons, or Chevrons

But neon seemed perfect to combine with this month's "Summer Sizzlers" challenge at The Stamp Man, which asks us to use hot colors. And I don't care how bright my neon green is, it's never going to be a hot color. And I didn't want to use just pink and orange. So I needed some bright yellow. I needed to go shopping.

I wasn't actually all that optimistic; I've been to the local (all big box, alas) stores lately and florescent yellow hasn't exactly been jumping off the shelves to ambush me. Still, I managed to pick some things up:

At Joann I picked up a Color Box queue that's been on my list for some time, in large part because it has a true solid yellow ("Canary") in it -- the only other yellow ink I have is quite pastel and I've wished for a real yellow before this. I was also ambushed by the cat-in-a-wizard-hat in the checkout line. I know it's not exactly made of the highest quality photopolymer, but dangit. It's a cat in a wizard hat!

I picked up the Recollections washi tape, obviously, at Michaels. (The two stores are helpfully right across from each other at a nearby outdoor/strip mall.) There's no denying that yellow is a neon!

I don't want to accumulate a lot of washi tape. I'd rather acquire ink and more matstacks than I can use. But dangit, if I can't find matstacks with florescent yellow in them, what am I supposed to do? Surrender to washi tape, that's what.

Haul: (except since I can't find the Recollections tape or the Inkadinkado stamp to link them, this is a sad one-item list)

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