Friday, September 7, 2012

Kit: Popsicles in the Park

Because I was working with a color challenge for the Popsicles in the Park bookmarks, I went through my little stash and grabbed those colors before thinking about what I wanted to do bookmark-wise. The assembly process itself sparked my imagination, and I ended up pulling together pretty much a whole kit: papers, inks, embossing powers, and stamps. (I don't really use embellishments on bookmarks -- a functional bookmark has to be flat.)

And then I made the bookmarks, and then I decided I should have photographed the kit too, because it was fun to put together.

Instead I photographed the remnants of the kit:

Everything I used on the bookmarks is still there -- in the case of the paper, in scraps -- plus you can see a few things I didn't use -- the pink & orange embossing powders, the little flowers/stars stamp, the striped orange paper, the shiny reddish cardstock... You can also see that I didn't really have any greens as pale as the challenge called for, but that's why the challenge rules are flexible.

Here's a closeup of the stamps and ink/powder/pen I picked out (photos are at different scales):

I had probably too much fun putting together the mini-Queue of Colorbox cat's eye inks. I found most of the colors I wanted in the Swell queue, and got the brighter pink from Tulip Field:

Of course, while the Queues are nice and compact to store, removing a few colors leaves others without a lid. So I combined the remnants of Swell and Tulip Field to create a new Queue for storage, and it actually turned out really pretty:

That would make quite a pretty colorset in and of itself, I think.


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