Sunday, September 30, 2012

(The RNG at) Robyn's Fetish Challenge likes Frog Princess!

RNG stands for Random Number Generator -- the top picks at Robyn's are picked randomly, you see, not by a person or people. And in Robyn's "Book Marks" challenge, it picked one of my bookmarks.

But the RNG did not pick Rainbow Pennants or Cold Outside, which I also submitted. It liked Frog Princess, possibly the pinkest thing I've ever done.

To be quite honest, and rather to my own surprise given the pinkness, Frog Princess is my favorite of those I submitted. So I'm glad the RNG chose it instead of one of the others.

It actually had to choose at least one -- there is one winner and three top picks, and I was three out of the seven entries. Look, the challenge was "Book Marks", okay, do you expect me not to max out my entry quota?

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