Sunday, January 27, 2013

State of the Stash #17: Weak to Paisley

I wasn't planning to buy anything this week. I'm trying to be a little more conservative money-wise -- it's not as if I don't have plenty of stuff to mess about with already.

Two things happened that lured me off this wise and narrow course. First, Joann had an online sale of Sizzix stuff at 40% off -- which is pretty good. I kept that order under control, and it should arrive next week.

Then Michaels sent out an email announcing that all their stores were having clearance events. So I thought I would go check it out. And now I have a lot of new stuff:

I like the idea of the Stamper's Big Brush pens, but their price seemed a little steep. Today, however, they were $3 apiece, so I grabbed all the colors left in stock.

Down the aisle from the pens and inks is the stamp section. I'm fairly sure that already having stuff in my basket made it easier to add more, but the $3 price tag on the Recollections stamp sets didn't hurt either.

And there were paisleys! I'm disturbingly weak to paisleys. I wish I knew why.

Normally I'm not all that into butterflies, and I've resisted this lawn gnome set for quite some time. That resistance disappeared in the face of the $3 price tag.

And then I saw a set of Christmas stamps which nicely complements one I bought last month. And I noticed that this Paris set was a) photopolymer, b) a good deal at $7, and c) had a couple of thank-you sentiments, which I find useful. So into the basket they went.

This pretty much exhausted the clearance stamp sets, so I turned into the next aisle to look at the stacks and cardstock. There were lots of good deals on full-size 12"x12" stacks, but those are way too big for me. I did find this foiled cardstock matstack on clearance, though. (Thankfully, the actual foil is much much shinier than the color representations on the cover.)

It wasn't until I looked in a completely different place that I found these cardstock packs. Why they were not with, y'know, the rest of the Recollections cardstock packs back in the paper aisle, I do not know. My Michaels seems to have a tendency to hide good deals away from their proper places.

At this point I announced to my boyfriend that I'd "found everything I could possibly buy" and headed for the checkout... then immediately went past it into the Area Of Dollar Stamps And Neglected Merchandise.

Presumably the Stamping Gear stuff was hidden back there and clearanced because it isn't selling well. But it's certainly not going to sell if no-one ever sees it! I didn't buy any of the gear stuff, but these branchy stamps seemed useful, so I rescued them from obscurity. Or something like that.

And then I finally did head to the checkout counter. (This is why my boyfriend brings something to read when we go to a craft store. I am not really sure why he comes at all, but it's nice to have him there.) The lady working there was clearly a papercrafter too -- she was excited about the Big Brush pens, and all the cheap stamps, and told me that the Stamping Gear was lots of fun. She let me know that this Michaels has crops on the first Saturday of each month. It was a very friendly checkout.

Michaels haul (I can't find the stacks online to link 'em.):

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