Tuesday, January 1, 2013

State of the Stash #13: Christmas!

Happy New Year! Let's have a look at what I got for Christmas, craft-wise.

Or rather, let's have a look at what I found while wrapping presents -- I bought this while buying presents and quite forgot about it, so I guess it's a present to myself! Mostly I liked the eensy weensy ornaments.

Unwrapping presents, well, that was more exciting! My wonderful boyfriend got me a die-cutting machine!

Unfortunately, he got me a pink one. That's why it is still in the box; we're sending it back and he's going to get the Vintaj Big Kick instead; it's unquestionably the most visually appealing of the Sizzix hand-cranked jobbies.

But that wasn't all -- he got me some extra-long plates and an embossing plate. I think I need an embossing mat too, though? Well, as I don't yet have anything to emboss with, that can wait!

My mother must have been in on it. She has one of the original Sizzix machines and cuts felt with it, and she gave me one of her dies -- I guess there's not much call for a little snowsuit shape when you're making felt hats!

She apologized that she didn't have the body, but heck, there are plenty of uses for little scarves and hats and mittens and all without putting them on a body per se. I wasn't bothered by the lack.

Later, though, we looked through her dies again, and found not just a body but a little bathrobe set as well, which she also gave to me. My mom is pretty awesome.

And then the other day I tracked down all the dies that fit this particular body (it's not the current one that's sold) and bought most of them from eBay. Possibly I will make awesome paper doll creations. Or possibly they will sit unused. Hmm.

Christmas haul!

And then on Saturday I went to Michaels. It was completely innocent: I saw there was a sale on their paper packs and went to get one. A specific one, even! And I found it, and I got it, and now I have basic red and green and yellow and orange. I was starting to feel the lack.

And then I decided to see if there was anything remaining on the Christmas display that perhaps I had overlooked the last seventy-three times I perused it. Unsurprisingly, there was not. However, on the remains of the merchandise, there were clearance signs. Big, big clearance signs. 80% off stamps clearance signs.

This wasn't an advertised thing -- the signs were hand-written and everything. Apparently this store really wants to clear that display.

Yeah, they were actually cheaper than the clearance stickers say. I fought off the impulse to buy anything that attracted me in any way, but I was only partially successful -- I picked up more Ditto/Hampton Art stamps, some postal-y ones from Recollections/Michaels, and the beautiful poinsettia background. I honestly don't think I'll ever actually need a beautiful poinsettia background, but gosh darn it, it's really lovely.

And there was a basket of woodblock stamps -- not high quality or anything, but still -- for 30 cents apiece. These three seemed nice.

Now, I'm pretty sure there wasn't originally a big basket of Recollections "crafting tape" on the display. But it was there Saturday, with a selection of "holiday tapes" priced at $1.50. I don't actually need any more tape, but I bought a bunch anyway. To be honest, I don't know how some of these qualify as Christmas-y holiday tape, especially the pink and purple set, but hey! Cheap tape!

Michaels haul: (I can't find the tape anywhere to link to.)

I think it's time I lay off the purchasing for a bit, yes?

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