Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #10: Christmas Stamps

I thought this might be a week where I wouldn't have acquired anything new, and I could just talk about whatever small scraps I'd used up for my State of the Stash post. Then I got a gift card from my relatives and an email from Michaels saying that all Christmas papercrafting stuff was 60% off on Friday from 6:00pm to close.

So that was that plan shot. I snagged my bookmarking-making buddy Anya and off we went.

The first stamps we fell for were some elegant silhouette-with-negative-images-inside stamps from Recollections and Hero Arts:

And then of course I'm always up for a more casually cute style as well. Doesn't the little bird in this set (with inexplicable berries coming from its tail) remind you of Lawn Fawn birds?

This little stamp set from Ditto/Hampton Arts also caught my eye -- and heck, at 60% off a $4 stamp set, there was very little reason not to bring it home. I've had a heck of a time finding it to link to, though, which has been quite frustrating. I... might be a little over-concerned about my supplies lists. Just a little.

I hesitated over a set of Christmas-y/winter-y border stamps. I really wished they were vertical instead of horizontal, because I have an unreasonable prejudice against horizontal-image bookmarks. However, Anya persuaded me that I was a crazy person (it didn't take much), so I bought them. I still don't know if I'll use them on bookmarks (I hope so!), but I've been making a few cards lately and they should do well for that use.

Michael's stamp haul: (except I can't find the Ditto/Hampton Art set to link to)

Anya didn't come away empty-handed either. "I'm buying this paper," she said, "but we'll keep it at your place, because that's where all the supplies are." I didn't argue very much, I must admit.

Apparently she feels like she owes me for using some of my supplies. But honestly, I love the excuse to buy more things, and it's not as if either of us has made much of a dent in the stash I've been so rapidly acquiring. So I think she needn't, but if it results in pretty papers, well. Maybe she was also looking for an excuse!

Anya's paper pads: What about you? Have you given in to any sales, or are you sensibly restraining yourself after some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping? I really need to get back into that "buy only things you need for a project" mode I was in several months ago, rather than the "look at all the cheap shiny things" mode. Still, I got all five of those stamp sets for about $23, and you can't tell me that wasn't a fabulous deal.


  1. I popped over from Darnell's blog, and now I'm thinking I need to sneak out of the house and make a Michael's run for some of these adorable stamps! Your stamp choices and your friend's paper choices are so much fun, and your blog is full of lovely things!

  2. Sweet, I have a name now *self highfives* :D I also know that if I kept the paper at my place, I would forget to bring it over when I visited spontaneously and then I would never get to use it!