Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WOYWW #187: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

What's on my worktable this Wednesday? Well, a mess, but not a very big one. I'm getting back into the "making" mode, starting with thank-you cards (nestled between the tripod legs) for Christmas presents. Soon there will be posts on this blog that indicate I do more than buy crafty supplies: I use them, too!

I think I'm going to re-use the card designs into bookmark designs, although without the "Thank You" aspect. I mean, I like the designs, why not send them away and keep them?

The socks aren't a project of mine. They are nice and warm, and I want to put them on -- but they are also new, and I couldn't get the stitching that held them together in the package apart. So they await a scissors before they can warm my feet.

To the side of my table is a chair, and in the chair is a cat. He really likes to sit there -- whether I'm at the table or not -- so we have outfitted it with a little heating pad. He's an old cat, you see, and he loves the heat for his achy bones.

The chair was originally my boyfriend's desk chair, but Mister Snoozy here (not actually named Mister Snoozy) kept sitting on it. Every time he got up. So he accepted the inevitable, and now he sits on a low piano stool... which actually is a better height for him, as the desk is kinda low and he is fairly tall. All's well that ends well, I suppose.


  1. Hi there! Looking forward to seeing what you do with what you buy. LOL Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year, too. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@68)

  2. I must crack on with my thank your too, as I need to write quite a few! I've been a lucky gal this xchristmas! That lucky old puss cat has got it made with his heated pad....I shall NOT be telling my two about that, they are idle enough as it is!!!
    Happy New Year!
    LLJ 31 xxxx

  3. I expect your clever cat knew that the boyfriend needed a lower seat really! Well done with the thank you cards...I always knew you were a user, not just a collector!

  4. Happy New Year - hopefully you will get lots of crafting done at your work desk with the company of your sweet furry friend.

  5. Happy New Year!! Cute little thank you cards you have going there.
    Krisha #114

  6. Good that you made a heat pad for your kitty, my little dog is only 2 so no aching bones yet, she does like to 'help' me craft though.
    Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated.
    Ann B

  7. I hate the packaging on everything, so hard to get off and often so much waste too, but I hope you managed to get the socks on your feet! A heat pad would be lovely, I sit by the window at work and sometimes have my coat wrapped around my legs! Have a wonderful and crafty 2013.

    Brenda 73

  8. I so love your Mr Snoozy, but what is his real name? He looks to be a marmalade colour am I right he is Orange? Ok Marmalade? I so love it when I see the pets on the blogs of WOYWW people as this is really what is happening with the desks too. The animals are such a big part of our crafting and bloging. Your desk is a little like mine is progress but not really messy.

    Thanks for visiting me, please come again and give Puddy Snoozy a pat and cuddle from me and I hope to see him again.


  9. Cute kitty. Mine jobs up and sits in my lap or on my craft mat. Don't know why he likes it.
    April #133