Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179: The Growing Piles

There's not much to see today -- or rather, there's a lot of mess, but no projects-in-process. I think there might be one hiding just below the heat gun, but all I can see the is the background paper... which blends right into the slowly growing mound of scraps.

Oh, the piles... in the middle of the table is the result of "push back", and on the sides the result of "pile high". Really only the right side should be a problem, because all the plastic folders on the left side are part of my half-completed stamp storage. That is, I've had the stamps in the folders for weeks... I just need to get the folders into a box or something.

Likewise, the growing pile of scraps on the craft sheet ought to be organized as well. I have a plan for organizing my paper and scraps; I like my plan; I think my plan will work for me... and I keep not quite buying the organizers. I want to use Cropper Hopper's new Page Arranger thingies, because they have all sorts of pocket sizes and I can put all sorts of scrap sizes in them. But very few places are carrying them yet, and even though they look great I'd rather see one in person before I commit, you know?

Thank you all so much for your suggestions about how to add a bit to the pirate girl bookmark last week! The consensus seemed to be pretty focused on bling, but I think I'm going with the eyepatch idea -- it was brilliant! I do apologize for not reciprocating your visits -- and I'm afraid I will be absent the next few weeks as well. I very much appreciate your visits, and I'd love to go visit you in return, but I am very very busy right now with the real life side of things.


  1. Yes, life does have a way of interfering with play time. Glad you like the eye patch idea. Looking forward to your return
    Krisha #45

  2. your desk is quite tidy, I think organization is a never ending process!

  3. I sware, I spend more time organizing than I do crafting! have a great week!


  4. As long as your scraps are accessible, there stands a chance of them being worth keeping because y oh might use them!! I don't see a lot of mess to be honest. MAKE time to do some fun stuff won't ya!!

  5. I am with Julia, you gotta see to use it! All of my scraps are in an Iris case at the left of my I always open it and look for scraps 1st? Of course not LOL Sandi #37

  6. Scraps are great and come in really useful, but boy, that pile really does grow quickly! Desk doesn't look too messy though considering. Getting round a bit late, so enjoy the rest of your week!

    Brenda 3

  7. Sorry to be visiting so late this week - just busy. Oh I'm loving the 'push back and pile high' style - I think I have that, too! Don't be fooled by my photo - it doesn't show what's to each side and on the floor! Happy Wednesday. LOL
    Sue x (MiniOwner@95)

  8. Yup! I do like to see something in person before shelling out money for it :) Thanks for sharing this week!

    Katie (108)

  9. I have a box full of scraps and I never seem to look through them when crafting. lol

    Thank you for visint and leaving me sucha sweet comment. :o)