Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #8: Paper Storage!

You might have noticed, but it's not Saturday anymore. Thursday is not very much like Saturday at all. Nevertheless, I present a couple of last week's acquisitions, all from one order at Scrapbooking Warehouse.

My little cat's eye inkpads are running down, especially the ones I use most commonly -- unsurprisingly, all from the Basics queue. So I got some reinkers. I skipped the white because it's still too juicy, and the "bronze" wasn't available.

Reinking the little cat's eye pads is fun! I'm not sure that it should be, or that it would be on a larger surface, but it is. I determined to figure out which other inkpads I needed ink for, so that I could do more reinking. But I got distracted while taking all the queues apart, and instead of testing them I reassembled them into a giant rainbow:

Who am I kidding? I might as well just buy whatever inkers I can find at good prices, since at this point it seems fairly clear I'll need them eventually. And since this weekend was Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Big Sales Time, here's a spoiler for (hopefully) the next State of the Stash: oh boy did I buy reinkers.

The other thing I got from Scrapbooking Warehouse was some of the new "Page Arrangers" by Cropper Hopper. They come in packs of two, and each one has a big 12"x12" pocket and three smaller pockets. All the pockets, not just the 12"x12", are accordian-folded for expansion.

I didn't get them to arrange pages. I got them to store paper -- all those pocket sizes seemed great for storing all sizes of scraps!

I'm not sure it's a perfect solution. But it's better than one overstuffed box or piles on my worksurface, that's for sure! And it keeps all sizes of the same color together, which I wanted.

Scrapbooking Warehouse Haul:

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