Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #6 & #7: Gifts from the Internet

Yes indeed, this Saturday's State of the Stash is actually last week's, too.

Last week, or two weeks ago, or whenever it was, I received two lovely presents from the Internet. Well, from real people, but via the Internet. You know how it is.

The first was an awesome card kit / stamp / card from the delightful and talented Amy of Sweet November stamps and A thousand sheets of paper. I won it as part of the latest Sweet November release -- and I won my favorite stamp of the release, so I was doubly happy!

Amy included some cards bases, and envelopes, and a lovely selection of patterned paper:

Plus all the bits and pieces one could wish for:

And of course, the star of the show, Pixie Rudy!

Pixie Rudy has briefly joined the Camouflage Corps. Unfortunately this paper was a big difficult to stamp on, especially as I haven't trimmed Rudy and don't have a stamp block big enough for him, so he's looking a bit fuzzy... but that's probably good in the Camouflage Corps!

To top it off, Amy included this marvelous card, the one she created for Rudy's release. It's really lovely, I don't know that I won't have to keep it...

Sweet November Candy:

The very next day there was another package in the mail! This one was from Great Impressions, with a couple of stamps I won on their blog hop together with Echo Park. They look quite useful, especially as my grandmother loves cardinals and I didn't have any cardinal stamps:

But my favorite thing about them? They're indexed. Indexed! And also trimmed! That moved Great Impressions right up my buy-from list, I can tell you.

Great Impressions Candy:

And now we move into this week. Now, technically I did not get any presents from the internet this week. But they were really quite fantastically priced (Scrapalicious USA is closing, and selling off their inventory), so they almost count.

I picked up some little Imaginisce stamps:

And I'm not sure I have a use for this one, but she just looked so darn happy about that star:

And books! Reading! It'll have to go on a horizontal bookmark, though:

Stampalicious Haul: Hah! It's still Saturday as I finish this up... I'll cheat and put in the product listing thingies later. Have any of you acquired anything interesting in the last few weeks?

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