Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Ducky Tie Edition

So I sent my sister her birthday present. Hey, less than two months late! We're not very good at getting each other presents in a timely fashion...

Anyway, the present was Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, a fairly funny TV show. No doubt I will help her watch it when I next see her; I like it too. The tagline on the DVD case was "The Ducky Tie Edition". Not yet having seen this season, I had to look up the reference -- shockingly, it refers to a tie. With duckies on it.

Well, "duckies on it" sounded like a fairly easy wrapping paper prompt. Does anyone know of any stamps in the classic rubber ducky shape? I keep running into the need for one but I can't find any. In this case, I improvised by masking the legs off a different duck. Most of the time, I even remembered to take the mask off the stamp before stamping... oops.

The ducky tie has a dark blue background, so I found the darkest blue I had and made a band out of it. I stamped my sister's name in white and embossed with yellow embossing powder; it definitely worked better than stamping in yellow would have, but I wish the color were a little softer. Oh well, it worked out acceptably.

The problem with wrapping a DVD case in a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper is that it doesn't actually fully wrap. So neither the paper nor the band actually make it all the way around the DVD. I solved this problem in the classiest possible way: with tape.

Now that I've sent my package off, I'd like to enter the packaging in these challenges:

Supplies: (the tape is from Recollections / Michaels)


  1. Loving it! What a fabulous idea!

    Thanks for playing the UnCard Rebel Challenge on RRD!

  2. What a lovely idea to make some personalised wrapping paper. I am sure your sister will enjoy her present. Thanks for taking part in the Sweet Pea Stampers Challenge this month and best of luck. We hope to see you back again very soon. Best wishes, Kym, Sweet Pea Stampers Design Team xxx

  3. Very clever way to create the rubby ducky, and great personalised wrapping paper, thanks for playing the RRD Rebel Uncard Challenge, debix

  4. Great wrapping paper! Duckies are my fav. Thanks for playing with us at Rogue Redhead Designs :)