Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday State of the Stash #9: Black Inkday

I'm not sure I actually bought any black ink, actually. But I sure bought a lot of ink. Oh yes indeed.

On Friday I finally got fed up of wanting the Colorbox Deep Sea and Night Sky pigment ink "queues". So I searched around until I found someplace that actually had both of them in stock -- Frantic Stamper -- and ordered them. I also ordered a re-inker for my bronze inkpad; I hadn't been able to order one from Scrapbooking Warehouse last week for the very simple reason that they didn't have one.

Frantic Stamper haul:

Sweet Pea Stamps was having a pretty insane sale, so I ordered some stamps I've been eyeing. Various faries:

And of course some dragons! Although I guess the seahorse isn't technically a dragon. It's more dragon-ish than fairy-ish, that's for sure.

I also found this stamp in my order, a bonus stamp. I think it's ching chou kuik's "One and Only Heart". It's going into my "perfectly good things that just aren't my style" box, which is why I haven't inked it up.

I'm very pleased with my interaction with Sweet Pea Stamps; Lynette ran out of cushion mounting before she got to my order, so she emailed me to ask whether I wanted to wait or get the stamps with a refund for the cushion. I very much appreciate having choice; obviously, I chose the stamps!

On Sunday, had a 50% sale on inkpads and ink. So I bought them.

My box came this morning. In the box was a sack:

Spilling that bag out over the carpet was really satisfying.

In it were a bunch of Colorbox queues I didn't have:

And rather a lot of re-inkers, metallics and non-metallics:

What can I say? 50% for reinkers is a really good price for ink, and I do seem to be using it.

I also went ahead and ordered some mini VersaMark and VersaFine pads. I'm looking forward to trying them out. Ink Haul:

Yesterday I took a trip to the brick and mortar Joann. I was looking for some blue cardstock.

So I bought a VersaMarker,

and a reinker for my Perfect Medium pad (mostly because, hey, reinker)!

I also came away with a ribbon holder for mini ribbon spools. I don't intend to put ribbon in it, though -- partly because my cat would eat all the ribbon. I have a different plan.

An awesome ink queue holder plan!

Joann mini haul:

Then, finally, I went to Michael's and actually bought some blue cardstock. Mission accomplished!

Michaels mini-haul:

How about you, did you make any massive purchases over the Spending Weekend?

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  1. Using that carousel for your Queues is genius. I always love seeing how other people store things, especially when it's clever repurposing. Genius!